Gerry Giuliani

(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Gerry Giuliani_Capacity 30 x 24

Gerry Giuliani_Teaching Field 30 x 24

Gerry Giuliani_Entangled_Superposition 30 x 24


I am a Canadian artist, born and raised in the Province of Quebec and now live in Ottawa, Canada. Painting since 2005, initially with watercolours and now with acrylics, my artistic journey has been charted by general and specialized courses (e.g., Ottawa School of Art), workshops abroad (Tuscany, Provence and Columbia) and pilgrimages to New York City galleries.  Professor Yves Larocque has been particularly instrumental in my quest for contemporary relevance.



I have always been interested in how things work, how they appear and why we see and experience things the way we do. This may be more from a poetic sense since music and art were influencing elements in my childhood home; yet, it does not exclude the scientific either: to me there is a fine permeable line between the two

There are a number of grounding perspectives that anchor the vision I have for my artistic work:

• Creation can be both a subtle and dramatic phenomenon; yet, it has a timeless and ongoing “Is-ness” to it. It just happens, now. It unfolds. This has an impact on the way I paint.

• The meaning we impute into what we experience depends on what we bring to it; our biology, our conditioning, our genetics, our history, our culture and our social structures all have an impact.

• Seeing an object and labeling it, while very useful for communications and establishing social protocols, has a limiting and confining effect on experience. So I select my tiles carefully to question yet leave room for different views.

• It is the coming together of individuals, with curiosity and an eagerness to learn, that develops a group consciousness. This in turns engenders a sense of humanity filled with a wholesome potential that can free us from any useless confinements.

And so my art focuses on the confluence of energy patterns and ideas, and how they might emerge and move. I use a flow and dance of colors that correspond to whatever moves me within the confines of broad themes. I rely on my grounding principles, trusting and directing whatever arises

For the longer term, my intention is to explore and apply contemporary techniques and approaches in a manner that apply these and similar themes to reflect the temper of our times and day to day life.


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