Denise Lombard

(Newcastle, Australia)

022 Denise Lombard 20x20 inches Desert Drying

2022 Denise Lombard 20x20 inches Desert Drying

2022 Denise Desert Salt Pans. 20x20 inches Oils with Sand

2022 Denise Desert Salt Pans. 20x20 inches Oils with Sand


Denise-Lombard_Falling-Dune, 31 x 62 cm, mixed media on wood

2022 Denise Desert Salt Pans. 20x20 inches Oils with Sand

2022 Denise Desert Salt Pans. 20x20 inches Oils with Sand


Lombard-Denise-Ethereal-Dunes-One-31x62 cm-Oil-on-canvas--scaled.jpg

Biography – Biographie

In 2001, for their safety, Denise Lombard and her husband moved from South Africa to Australia. To understand their adopted country, they decided to explore this vast continent, especially the “Outback” desert encompassing the major area of their new home. The diversity, colours, textures, light and mood of the landscape inspired Denise to renew her passion with painting to express truly who she is. Over the years, working as a physical therapist, a dedicated wife and mother, she attended many art courses and lately online classes. She has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in galleries. She is greatly indebted to the excellent and inspiring teachers.

En 2001, pour leur sécurité, Denise Lombard et son mari quittent l’Afrique du Sud pour s’installer en Australie. Pour mieux comprendre leur pays d’adoption, ils décident d’explorer ce vaste continent, en particulier le désert de l'”Outback” qui constitue la majeure partie de leur nouveau foyer. La diversité, les couleurs, les textures, la lumière et l’ambiance du paysage ont inspiré Denise à renouveler sa passion pour la peinture afin d’exprimer véritablement qui elle est. Au fil des ans, en tant que kinésithérapeute, épouse et mère dévouée, elle suit de nombreux cours d’art et dernièrement des cours en ligne. Elle a participé à de nombreuses expositions individuelles et collectives dans des galeries. Elle est très reconnaissante envers les excellents professeurs qui l’ont inspirée.


Statement – Démarche artistique

My art work is inspired by the Australian landscape, especially the Outback and the deserts. Working on wood or stretched canvas, using only natural material, for example cooked sand, pebbles and bark for texture. These are applied with gesso, glue, gyprock and oil paints for colour. They incorporate the macro view, often aerial, to the microscopic patterns created by ageing, weather or insects. In this way, I express the reality of teasing out the abstract.

Experiencing the abstraction of the Outback, those vast open spaces reminding me of my youth in the African savannah, but without the tensions of an unsafe environment. My intention is to convey the slow, seductive rhythm of ancient sand rivers still winding their way between the rocky outcrops to a mythical inland lake. Depicting the sporadic years of enough rain to fill the rivers, slowly creeping towards Lake Eyre, in the heart of this continent. I remember climbing sand dunes, slipping away under my feet. Sand falling through fingers, toes, glittering in the sun’s rays. Expressing, on a two-dimensional surface … millions upon millions of grains, never-ending daydreams.

Daydreaming on top of a sand dune with only the sky and unending vistas to inspire. Walking on the stony Gibber Plains, I am in awe and enthralled by the colours of the ancient geology, cream, pale yellow, sienna, pinks, orange, red to brown and black and much more.

Pondering the significance of my life, hopefully leaving behind a memory of what I have been fortunate to experience.




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