Jennifer Haney

(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

HANEY-JENNIFER-Untitled 1 (18 x 24 inches)

HANEY-JENNIFER-Untitled 2 (18 x 24 inches)

HANEY-JENNIFER-Untitled 3 (18 x 24 inches)

HANEY-JENNIFER-Untitled 4 (18 x 24 inches)

HANEY-JENNIFER-Untitled 5 (18 x 24 inches)


Jennifer Haney is a Canadian Ottawa based visual artist, originally from the Eastern Townships of Quebec. She received degrees from Montreal’s McGill and Concordia Universities followed by a scholarship study program in India. An inveterate traveller, Jennifer has lived, worked, and travelled in many countries overseas.  A Fine Arts Diploma graduate from the Ottawa School of Art in 2017, Jennifer has exhibited in Ottawa, Tuscany, and Provence and her works can be found in Ottawa.  She studied with Professor Yves Larocque, attending his painting courses and workshops in Ottawa, Tuscany, and Provence, and his Art History Tours to Barcelona and New York, and credits his guidance for advancing her current art practice.



Intrigued by the flow of form and colour of non-representational art, and inspired by artist Leya Evelyn, I continue to explore the challenging genre of contemporary abstract art. I have been greatly influenced by exposure to different cultures, their traditions and their art, and memories of their exotic colours remain and can be found in my work.

Using a combination of brush, palette knife and other tools to make my gestural strokes with acrylic paint, I continue my exploration of abstract, creating movement, rhythm, shapes and forms through the use of colour.

I work intuitively, letting the art happen. I passionately apply the paint and enjoy letting go, the freedom to express myself, savouring the surprise of what appears. It is the unpredictability that excites as unrecognizable images of colour begin to emerge, dictating what is to happen next.

I feel the joy of painting, the spontaneous application of paint in layers, using impasto, creating texture, and then watching the colours dance across the canvas. Perhaps this is what draws me to abstract, the uncertainty of where the rivers of paint will lead me, with no idea of the final destination. I try to convey my love of rich, vibrant colours and communicate this emotional connection in my art. I like to think the vitality and energy of my palette reflects my own enthusiasm for life.

In my current series, created during a world pandemic, I am experimenting with “Crackle,” a versatile semi-opaque gel that cracks after drying on the painting, producing a veil of fissures and platelets. This resulting mysterious “frozen rain” adds additional texture and materiality to my work. I am now exploring the relationship between the delicate veil and the painting. What is the dialogue between the two? What messages and parallels reveal themselves in the fractious nature of that cracking paint in relation to the current narrative of global events?

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