Painting Class (Tuesday)

At Walk the Arts, we start our personalized teaching according to the level of each participant. Under our direction, and as a group, we move on forward. We promote creativity and authenticity in a much more demanding and complex “artworld”. Enjoy the uniqueness of everyone.


Works for mid-crit on October 20 2020; come back again on November 22 to see other results.

Jennifer Haney

I am currently painting because of the love of the rich, vibrant colours that I splash spontaneously across the canvas, curious to see where the rivers of paint will run, hoping to create a magical world of dramatic abstract imagery.  Painting is pure escapism from the news of the day.

Christine Monhollen

Painting, like poetry is a space of endless beginnings.  I paint to communicate, perhaps just to myself, what is possible in seeing the world in different light and magical colors.

Louise Mantha

My current struggle is to capture inner life through abstraction. I am painting instinctively, letting the colours and shapes speak to me and to each other.

Isabelle Michaud

This work explores the boundaries between oppressive social structures and personal impermanent expressions…

Suzanne Michaud

Sa démarche de création, grandement influencée par son expérience dans le domaine de la santé…

Cécile Barrière

Painting is a means for me to express my feelings and values in my search for inner peace.

Positive crit on October 20th by the instructor and the class.


Final positive crit by Michel V. Cheff on November 24.

Michel V. Cheff has, for many years, contributed to the development of various cultural organizations, educational institutions and museums. He has participated in the work of boards of directors, governance and strategic planning committees, acquisitions, exhibitions and programming committees, grants and award juries and has conducted art critique sessions.

He was curator of the exhibition Hommage à Dallaire: Que la fête commence !, marking the centenary of the birth of Hull’s artist, Jean-Philippe Dallaire, presented at the Galerie Montcalm, Gatineau, in 2016. In 2018 he curated the first phase of the exhibition Suzanne Joubert: 30 ans de forêts. He is currently curatorial advisor on the AT HOME exhibition project about the Danish painter Wilhelm Hammershøi (1864-1916), a project led by the Ottawa photographer Leslie Hossack. The exhibition will be presented in 2021.

Michel V. Cheff taught drawing and art history at Algonquin College, the Ottawa School of Art and the Université du Quebec à Hull (1970-1980); he was Education Officer and Head of Educational Services at the National Gallery of Canada (1974-1988), Chief Curator and Director of Curatorial Services at the Musée du Québec (1988-1993), Executive Director of the Winnipeg Art Gallery (1993-1998) and Director, Special Initiatives in the Office of the CEO, Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation, Gatineau (1998-2011). Between 1984 and 2010, Michel was involved in numerous museum and visual arts associations. He has served as President of the Canadian Museums Association and as President of the Canadian Art Museum Directors Organization.

Michel holds a Diploma in Creative Arts from Sheridan College, Oakville (1970), an Honors BA in Visual Arts from the University of Ottawa (1974) and an MA in Art History from the Université de Montréal. His thesis focused on Le dessin chez Jean-Philippe Dallaire (1916-1965) jusqu’en 1938 (1983). Mr. Cheff studied andragogy at the Université du Québec à Hull in the late 1970s, Italian at the University of Ottawa in the 1980s, and theology at the Dominican University College in Ottawa between 2000 and 2008. Michel V. Cheff lives in Ottawa.