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We want to offer you the top art experience you deserve.

Combining Art, Education, and Comunities

!We have been teaching for more than 30 years; we have also been doing art for more than 30 years. We have exhibited, published and talked about art on three continents. We also know very well the various art-worlds, and the one so important to each of our participants.

We also know that art is the expression of creativity and imagination essential to human well-being. We are very aware that showing your works in a community center in upper Minnesota is certainly different than a renowned gallery in Los Angeles. Oh! do we know that! However, both share the main basic goal: sharing happiness and awakening curiosity. We also know that you want to make a positive impact in your community, and we will help you to do that.

During our art workshop, we want you to grow may it be technically and creatively so you may return home and share with your environment. Art embellishes, art transcends, art heals.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to promote arts and culture and offering quality art courses that emphasize you first, then creativity, and experiential learning. To lead to the fulfillment of individuals and the betterment of societies.  In a nutshell, we want to offer you the top art experience you deserve. To take your art to a new level.

Our Values

Authenticity, integrity, generosity, innovation, passion, knowledge and conviviality.

Our Story

Born in 1997, Walk the Arts is an incorporated cultural enterprise without walls operating from North America, South America, and Europe. Walk the Arts is our official trademark. All our art classes are led by professional artists and art historians and many hundreds of artists from all over attended our art classes and painting workshops.

Since we love to move, our art workshops and art history tours take place in Italy, France, Spain, Colombia, and the United States. Our quality programs are suitable for artists of all levels and media, art lovers, lifelong learners and independent travelers seeking unique cultural experiences. We also offer tailored educational programs for colleges and universities. Since our mission is to promote the arts and culture we offer quality art courses that emphasize content, creativity, and experiential learning. We believe that art leads to the fulfillment of individuals and the betterment of societies.


The Team

Yves M. Larocque

Yves M. Larocque holds a B.F.A. and a Doctorate in Art History from La Sorbonne (Paris) and teaches painting and art history in Ottawa, Canada. He has exhibited widely and today teaching art takes most of his time. He was a guest professor for Canadian and American colleges. He gave many conferences mostly in France and the United States. He has published in peer review art periodicals in France and Canada; he is fluently bilingual (English and French) with working knowledge of Italian. His strength is listening, making him one of the most sought-painting instructors in the Canadian national capital. Many of his students have become accomplished artists and show in reputable galleries. More here > https://walkthearts.blog/2019/12/21/painting-workshops-italy-france/


Mónica Márquez

Mónica Márquez holds a Master in M.A. in International Affairs, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University) While she has an extensive background in international finance, art has always been her true passion. She is today a photographer, a photo-based digital artist, and a painter; and has received several projects grants from the Ontario Arts Council. Her works have been exhibited in Canada, Colombia, Italy, and France and are part of private collections: (www.monicamarquez.com). Mónica speaks fluently Spanish, English and French and has a good working knowledge of Italian.

“Italy or France, like the canvas, is a meeting place, a sort of Champ de Mars battleground on which fears, joys, loves and happy and unhappy memories confront head-on. Going there, stepping out geographically, allows us to step back from our own story, from our history; it permits us to know another space, another time, with which we can compare. This ‘stepping back’ also affords a time-out from our daily duties and religious, familial and societal limitations so we can at last focus solely on the self”.

Yves M. Larocque

Director, Walk the Arts

Since 1997 Walk the Arts (icscis inc.) has been offering top quality painting workshops, art classes, and art history tours in Italy, France, Colombia, Spain, and the United States.

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