Painting and Gourmet Food and Wine – The perfect art holidays!

Gastronomy during our art workshops

One of the highlights of our art workshops in Italy and France (Tuscany and Provence) is the quality of our meals. We only use top fresh ingredients and our recipes are inspired by our art-based approach as explained in our book Let Go! The Artist’s Way of Cooking (2018).  

An Overview:

Let Go! The Artist’s Way of Cooking is the official cookbook of our painting retreats in Italy and France. It offers a simple and innovative method of cooking based on color harmonies that helps everyone release their creativity in the kitchen. In our book, we explain how to cook as artists paint and how to transform a kitchen into an artist’s studio and a meal into a work of art. Also, we offer more than one hundred original recipes and the tools for everyone to invent their own.

During our art holidays in Tuscany and Provence, we follow the cooking method proposed in our book. Therefore, we emphasize high-quality fresh ingredients, local food staples and innovative dishes accompanied by great regional wines. Besides, we serve our meals in beautiful settings that foster warmth and camaraderie. At Walk the Arts, we believe that a special meal can be lived as an art experience.

Excerpts from our cookbook Let Go! The Artist’s Way of Cooking

From the Introduction

There are hundreds of excellent books on cooking published every year. Just like in art, we certainly needed to propose a new idea, a new vision, a new approach to cooking that may lead our readers to live a rewarding experience. We could not repeat what had been previously written and what was easily accessible on the Web. We had to do more; after all, we offer art experiences! We needed to find a modus operandi close to who we are and what we do as visual artists, and we have found it. The answer was right in front of us, and painting gave it to us: art and color! The newness of the concept made us skeptical. We thought: “Come on, there must be something written on the subject of color harmony in cuisine. To our great surprise, we came to realize that absolutely nothing had been written on our approach. There was a void waiting to be filled, an innovative method of cooking based on a wise combination of colors, just as we do in painting.

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From The Book and the Workshop

Since 1997 Walk the Arts (icscis inc.) has been offering top quality painting workshops, art classes, and art history tours in Italy, France, Colombia, Spain, and the United States.

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