Artists of Studio Italia June and October 2019

Never forget perseverence

As I told my students last night at our painting class, perseverance is the key for succeeding in the arts. You have to approach art as an artist, and not as an amateur, and only then will you be able to do great works and consequenly, to succeed in your art-world. I have also recommended the famous text Refus Global or Total Refusal as one of the most important texts written in Canada.

This anti-establishment and anti-religious manifesto, written by Paul-Émile Borduas and co-signed by a group of sixteen young French-Canadian artists and intellectuals, was released in 1948. This text brought finally modernity in Canadian art; or Canadian painting ceased to be the trailer of international art. Canadian art became professionnal.

A few pages long, this text has all the wisdom of all the self-help books in the market. During our art class in Provence this fall and summer, we will discuss about it.  I always ask my painting students to memorise the last sentence because it will become their mantra if they want to succeed as artists:

“Until then, we will not rest or falter. Hand in hand with others thirsting for a better life, no matter how long it takes, regardless of support or persecution, we will joyfully respond to a savage need for liberation”. Perseverance is the key to all successful artist. (read the rest of this post on our blog)

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